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Vent Ozone Destructor
The ozone contact tanks will have a cover on the top form where the unutilized quantity of ozone will be collected and destroyed by the Vent Ozone Destructor. This is essential and mandatory requirement so that the ozone concentration in the surrounding area does not increase more that the safe limit.
The Vent Ozone Destructor will be a thermal catalytic ozone destructor using low temperature oxidation catalyst form CARULITE 200 Granular Catalyst USA. This type of ozone destructor consume minimal electrical power and efficiency of the ozone destructor is 99.9 %.
  • Safe: used the best catalyst, ozone destructor will decompose ozone into safe concentration without consuming ozone and absorbing ozone.
  • Operating under Low Temperature: The operating temperature is about 40-60 °C to cut down operating cost. It can save about 90% operation cost compared with heat type ozone destructor.
  • Low Pressure Drop: maximum pressure drop is only 0.02 mpa.
  • Density (g/l): 2.144
  • Color: Light Blue

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