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Duct Mounted Ozone Generator
We offer a state-of-the-art duct mounted ozone generators with parallel tube type ozone modules. This equipment is based on the latest technology of power conversion on higher frequency, with the use of this technology, the welding transformer and chargers size become miniature and the most relaible technique being used in the Air Quality Management Systems.
Duct Mounted Ozone Generator
The technolgy consists of parallel tube type corona system which works on a high frequency (from 7 to 9 KHz). The discharge takes place between the two Quartz tubes, which is located parallel to each other. This Ozone Generating Unit is installed inside the duct and the oxygen of the air passes through the duct and gets converted into Ozone. After which the ozonated air gets mixed with the total air stream. The operating area in the air stream is quite low and thus does not offer any restriction to flow of air in the duct. This offers various advantages like operation and maintainence friendly, better ozone output control, consistent and very long life.
  • Ozone generator is compact, self contained unit suitable for duct mounting
  • Components in air stream are made up of stainless steel frame of 18 G
  • The construction allows adequate flow of air over the corona discharge tubes surface
  • Ozone will be produced by the principle of corona discharge using parallel tube type corona unit
  • The ferrite core transformer is used in the ozone generator for efficient & long lasting operation
  • The parallel tubes will be mounted on H.T. Transformer
  • Due to the construction and M.O.C selected for parallel tubes are anti-statically charged
  • Not allow any dust to settle on to the surface
  • Ozone generators have a high frequency inverter to convert 50 Hz input supply to 20 K Hz Stepped upto 6-9 KV to be applied across parallel tube

  • Ozone generators permit easy withdrawals and refitting in the duct due to light weight and easy construction
  • Ozone coming out from the unit will be mixed with total air stream
  • The life of the tube type corona generators is much higher than other type of ozone generation systems
  • The corona tubes repels the accumulation of the dust and formation of sediments by tar, nicotine and grease
  • Improve the operational reliability and ease of maintenance
  • The generators will operate with airflow in either direction with same efficiency
  • All parts and components of the generator will be fire retardant
  • Generator output will be suitable for modulation by automatic or manual controls
  • The generator will be rated for operation on 0 to 95% RH (without condensing moisture)
  • The generator will be suitable for operation on electrical supply 220V to 240 Volts, single phase, 50 Hz, 3 wire systems
The system is engineered to provide residual Ozone concentration not exceeding the prescribed limits i.e. 0.03 PPM. These generators are manufacter in such a manner to ensure the VOC are kept below the TLV(Thereshold Limit Value) for occupied areas as recommended by ASHARE & OSHA . The rate of variation of production of Ozone will follow the rate of variation of VOC in the indoor environment.This is in view to ensure residual level of Ozone in the indoor environment remain low while ensuring residual VOC level also remains low. The transformer is encapsulated with epoxy. Epoxy is penetrating into windings and around the core

Duct Injectible Ozonation System
To have a better control of Ozone concentration in the Duct, Injectible Ozonation Systems are utilized. Ozone Generator is located closed to the duct and Ozone is fed by a pipe & diffuser inside the Air Duct. Ozonator gets feed air from a centralized Unit. The quantity of Ozone to be injected in the duct, depends upon the final Ozone concentration at the destination locations. Ozone concentration is monitored and signal is provided for fed back control.

These Systems are used in Food Processing Companies, Cold Storages, Hospitals, STPs, ETPs and critical locations where the Ozone concentration is required to be controlled irrespective of air quality and quantity in the air duct.

Ozone System can be controlled from a remote location and integrated with Plant Automation System, PLC or SCADA.

Standalone Ozonation Systems
We have wide variety of Stand Alone Ozonation Systems which are either mounted on the wall or can be portable with wheels. The Ozonation Systems can be controlled from the Panel or from wireless Remote. The Stand Alone Ozonation Systems are utilized for maintaining the requisite Ozone concentration at a specific location where either the air-conditioning is not existing or in case of central air-conditioning, specific location is required to be treated by Ozone for sterilization or deodorization.

The Stand Alone Units are available from very low to higher capacity and can be tailor made with timers or sequential operation as per specific requirement of the client or the process.

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