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Ozone Resistible Materials

Material Rating
ABS plastic B-Good
Acetal (Delrin®) C-Fair
Aluminum C-Fair - Wet Ozone
B-Good - Dry Ozone
Brass B-Good
Bronze B-Good
Buna-N (Nitrile) D-Poor
Butyl A-Excellent
Cast Iron C-Fair
Chemraz A-Excellent
Copper B-Good
CPVC A-Excellent - Does get brittle
Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) A-Excellent
Durachlor-51 A-Excellent
EPDM B-Good - Dry Ozone
C-Fair - Wet Ozone
EPR A-Excellent
Ethylene-Propylene A-Excellent
Flexelene B-Good
Fluorosilicone A-Excellent
Galvanized Steel C-Fair
Glass A-Excellent
Hastelloy-C® A-Excellent
HDPE A-Excellent
Hypalon® C-Fair
Hytrel® C-Fair
Inconel A-Excellent
Kalrez A-Excellent
Kel-F® (PCTFE) A-Excellent
Magnesium D-Poor
Monel C-Fair
Natural rubber D-Very Poor
Neoprene C-Fair
Nylon D-Very Poor
PEEK A-Excellent
Polyacrylate B-Good
Polyamide (PA) C-Fair
Polycarbonate A - Excellent
Polyethelyne B-Good
Polypropylene C-Fair
Polysulfide B-Good
Polyurethane, Millable A-Excellent
PVC A-Excellent - Ozone in water
PVDF (Kynar®) A-Excellent
Santoprenec A-Excellent
Silicone A-Excellent
Stainless steel - 304/316 A-Excellent
Stainless Steel-other grades B-Good
Steel (Mild) D-Very Poor
Teflon A-Excellent
Titanium A-Excellent
Tygon B-Good
Vamac A-Excellent
Viton A-Excellent
Zinc D-Poor
Rating Definitions
A- Excellent Ozone has no effect on these materials
B- Good Ozone has minor effects on these materials. Prolonged use with High Concentrations ofOzone will break down or corrode theseMaterials beyond usefulness.
C- Fair Ozone will break down these materials withinweeks of use.
D- Poor Ozone will break down these materials within Hours or days of use. These materials are notRecommended for any use with ozone

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